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Worldwide Exporting

About Us

We provide High quality white charcoal to clients around the world
Our prices are the best prices in Viet Nam

Our History

Established in 2017, Our company specializes in producing white charcoal or Binchotan for exporting to worldwide clients. Our employees and experts are great who have experiences in producing Binchotan based on Korean and Japanese technology. Viet Binchotan has located in middle part and Southern part of Vietnam which are close to two big important international seaports: Da Nand and Ho Chi Minh City port.

Our Orientation

Our supply ability is approx. 50 to 100 tons per month, Our clients come from Korea, Japan, Middle East Asia, also from America & Europe. We always set a very high commitment to our products. Our prices are always direct prices from manufacturer and we guarantee that our price is the best in white charcoal exporting market in Viet Nam. Clients will not need to pay for those extra hidden costs.

Some Fun Facts about our Company?
Order completed
99.9 %
Positive feedback
60 T
Average supply
Size of Binchotan depends on customers requirement

Binchotan Retail Options

Bag 5kg

Perfect for Family party BBQ
  • Free support
  • Packing order
  • Plus shipping fee

Bag 10kg

Suitable for Group party BBQ
  • Free support
  • Packing order
  • Plus shipping fee

Bag 20 kg

For large group BBQ or other purpose
  • Free support
  • Packing order
  • Plus shipping fee

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