12 Ways to use White Charcoal in our life

        In this article we will consider the application of white charcoal in both industry and human life. For making white charcoal and his characteristics you can see White charcoal – everything you needs to know. As we know charcoal was widely used in Japan over thousands years ago, as important fuel for cooking. But with the advent of gas, it declined in popularity until recently. Over the past decade, which suggests that white charcoal has a range of novel properties. It has been enjoying a renaissance both in Japan and overseas.

Source: Microstructural characterization of  white charcoal by C.H.  Chiaa, S.D. Josepha, A. Rawalb

      One of research papers about “Microstructural Characterization of White Charcoal” showed that it filled with countless micro cavities (see picture). Which means it efficiently absorbs impurities from water, air, and even skin. 12 ways to use Binchotan in our life will be showed below:

1.Free smoke fuel for BBQ: Completely smokeless, odorless, non-explosive, high buring time. Binchotan is widely used for grilling meat in bbq party and in other cooking purpose.

2. Rice Additive: A piece of Binchotan should be washed and inserted into a rice cooker or pot during the cooking process. It will absorb impurities in the water and help retain the taste of the rice.

3. Water Purifier: Are you wondering how purification function of white coal works? Compared to activated black charcoal, white coal has excellent water purification effect. On his Surface structure has a lot of micro cavities, its can help to release toxins and chemicals from water. Just wash a stick of white charcoal. Put it in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Take it out for cooling. You can use it for purifying drinking water.

4. Bathroom deodorizer: Not only for purifying drinking water, a stick of Binchotan can be used for bathing to remove the impurities. One of researching paper showed that the far infrared rays in the charcoal will also enhance blood circulation.

5. Air Purifier: Follow research of S. D. Joseph and his friends, they found that Binchotan contains negative ions, which it releases into the atmosphere. Put some sticks in a bag or jar and place it in your bedroom for a deeper night’s sleep.

6. Hygroscopic ability: White charcoal is very hard and has a sound like metal when beat stick on another one. Besides, White charcoal contents a big amount of fixed carbon (over 93%) and has many micro cavities on his surface structure. Makes it an excellent to absorb dampness.

7. Dental Hygiene Defender: Add Binchotan’s powder in making Toothbrush’s bristle to give off negative ions and help to remove plaque and prevent bad breath.

8. Electromagnetic Wave Absorber: For families who have infants and kids. The question is how to protect them to electromagnetic waves from computers, microwaves, and mobile phones. Specialists recommended that put a piece of Binchotan in living room. It will absorb these waves. It works as a balancing factor for body and mind through the flood of negative ions it emits, which turns nearby metals magnetic. 

9. Termite Repeller: Termites thrive on heat and humidity. Since Binchotan absorbs both heat and humidity, it also serves to repel the termites from wood.

10. Odor Neutralizer:Place a piece of white charcoal in a refrigerator, it help to absorb unwanted odors.

11. Radio frequency (RF) shielding: another application for Binchotan was found in research of H. Norikane and his friends. An excellent RF magnetic shielding material can be realized by the use of Binchotan. The research paper has improved the RF magnetic shielding characteristics of a bincho-charcoal plate to realize a broadband frequency by the superposition of a ferrite plate over the bincho-charcoal plate.

12. Soil Booster: Binchotan plays a great factor in enriching soil. Charcoal sticks after finishing using, grind them up and add them to soil.